The food production and packaging sector requires, due to the sensitivity of the environment and level of regulation, specific materials and solutions.

LEP’s product portfolio includes a range of materials specifically developed for food contact.

Our solutions aim at reducing maintenance costs and increase productivity in packaging equipment, also for non-food goods or pharmaceuticals.

  • Food compliant material formulation shorten certification time for installation and offer safety in design
  • Improved productivity and product life time
  • Reduced material friction and wear
  • Self-lubricating formulations lower equipment maintenance costs
  • Better design capabilities and higher level of automation possible as a result of low material coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) and tighter tolerances
  • Special formulations, e.g. 3-A Sanitary-Dairy compliant materials allow higher shelf time of food stuff by providing lower level of contamination

The creation and introduction of the new “Food Grade” material family is based on Quadrant’s migration limit tests and offers customers not only time savings on their application specific testing, but also the advantage of traceability along the entire value chain and control of the production process following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

It also ensures maximum hygiene and non-contamination of food stuff that comes into contact with Quadrant’s materials.

Food compliancy certificates can be issued for the chosen products.


TIVAR 1000

TIVAR Oil Filled

TIVAR Cleanstat


MC 907 PA 6

NYLON 101 PA66

Nylatron LFG


Ertalyte/Ertalyte TX

Quadrant 1000 PC

Ketron 1000 PEEK/ Ketron PEEK

Techron HPV PPS

Quadrant PPSU

Duratron U10000 PEI

Quadrant 1000 PSU

Fluorosint 207


Chain guiders

Bushings, rollers

Thrust washers


Scrapers, paddles


Pistons, valves

Gear wheels


Sliding bearings

Cutter discs

Forming plates

Time screws

Custom Solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

Change Parts for Bottling Industry Machinery

Change Parts

Change Parts for Bottling Industry Machinery.

Wine Bottle Grips

Wine Bottle Grips

Polyurethane grips for use in the wine industry – created in varying hardness (and colours) for different bottle types.

Bottling Industry Clamp

Bottling Industry Clamp

Complex machined clamp for the bottling industry. It was modified from the original part with the aim of extending the life of the machinery.

Food Processing Clamps

Food Processing Clamps

The polyurethane clamp is used in a wet & highly corrosive environment. The original aluminium handle was replaced with a hard-grade polyurethane handle. This provided a better bond with the soft polyurethane grip pad as well as less corrosion.

Meat Processing Part

Meat Processing Part

Used in the meat processing industry this complex part was machined from a single sheet of high performance industrial plastic.