LEP’s polyurethane factory in Auckland is the largest of its type in this country, supplying polyurethane components to all the major industries in New Zealand


We supply a complete range of pre-polymers, utilising TDI and MDI technology in ether and esther ranges


We can supply in broad hardness spectrum, from golf ball hard to eraser soft


We can cast from a few grams to several tonnes in weight


We can form into any shape desired


We can bond with many different materials, including steel, wood, plastic and even fibreglass


LEP specialise in custom polyurethane coatings and has particular expertise in roller re-coating, with up to 140kg pour capability for very large rollers


Under the Lurethane® trade name polyurethane rod, sheet and tube are produced in a wide variety of colours and shapes

LEP Engineering Plastics Polyurethane Lurethane Casting

We Make

Wheel and roller re-coating | Screen decks | Conveyor and materials handling components | Pump linings | Sprockets | Wheels | Belt scrapers | Sheet products | Bearings | Bushes | Impellors | Wear pads | OEM replacement parts | Traffic cones | Concrete moulds | Chutes | Vibration pads | Automotive bumpers