Experts in Engineering Plastics

Manufacturing, moulding and machining of high performance plastics

Supporting Industry in NZ and overseas for over 60 years


Manufacturing and Machinery

Manufacturing & Machinery

LEP specialises in providing solutions for the Industrial market. On any production line of any kind of equipment LEP solves problems or produces replacement parts, with the aim of keeping production lines running smoother, faster, longer or better – to ultimately increase our customer’s production efficiency and profitability.

Agriculture and Horticulture - LEP Engineering Plastics

Agriculture & Horticulture

The demands within this industry in NZ are extreme due to the global leadership position we have attained. LEP provide the continuous improvement of design, manufacture and materials that allow our customers to innovate and grow in New Zealand and in overseas markets.

Food and Beverage - LEP Engineering Plastics

Food & Beverage

High speed precision equipment as used in food manufacturing, processing and packaging must be manufactured to high tolerances. This can sometimes be a challenge but not at LEP, where many years of experience manufacturing precision food-contact components ensures quality and conformance.



The industry-required temperatures, loads and chemicals call for materials that can handle the extreme elements. Our supplier Quadrant continues to provide the widest product portfolio of Advanced Engineered Materials and General Engineered Materials for the New Zealand market.



Many automotive components we manufacture are specialist, low volume custom solutions or unique parts made from Polyurethane or Engineering plastics. Our extensive experience in this industry manufacturing bumpers, wheels, gears and bushes and wear liners means that we can manufacture a solution for practically any automotive and transportation need.

Consumer Products

Consumer Products

LEP can help consumer products manufacturers with the design, prototyping, testing and manufacture of new-to-market consumer products - there's a wide variety of plastic materials, processes and cost options available. And we have 60 years' experience providing complex replacement parts for original machinery for manufacturers of all types of consumer products.

Leisure sport and marine


LEP have been commissioned to engineer a variety of plastic solutions for the outdoors from fencing, decking, seating, and playground signage to event and outdoor entertainment products. High performance plastics can provide excellent weather and UV resistance, durability, and low weight combined with high strength for ease of transport or installation.

Habitat, Construction and Building

Habitat & Construction

With a high strength to weight ratio plastics are used extensively in this industry as a replacement for steel, concrete and timber. High performance plastics are used for pipes, valves, flooring, load bearing framework, and building insulation as well as for bridges, car parks and wharves - and also for parts in the heavy machinery that builds them.

Semiconductors and electronics LEP Engineering Plastics


Plastics have enabled the massive growth of electronic equipment in our lives, across all industries from consumer to medical. LEP specialises in precision manufacturing for electronics; sourcing plastics globally which can provide insulation, thermal efficiency, advanced usability, durability and especially cost-efficiency.