Semitron ESd225

Semitron® ESd225 is a static-dissipative acetal copolymer which is specifically designed for applications where electrical discharge is a problem. It provides a controlled bleed-off of static charges over a broad temperature range and mechanical loading conditions.

Semitron® ESd225 is an excellent choice for materials handling applications. It avoids discharge problems for components intended for human contact, and will dissipate a standard 5kV charge in less than 2 seconds. It is non-migratory, has no carbon fill and is not dependent on humidity.

With good impact strength even at low temperatures, and a combination of high rigidity and enhanced sliding properties, Semitron® ESd225 is easy to machine. It also has extremely low outgassing properties and creep tendencies, which make it ideal for applications where particulate generation is not tolerated.
Other features include good dimensional stability and a high resistance to chemicals.

Semitron® ESd225 is a good choice for fixturing used for handling in-process silicon wafers, and is also used in the manufacture of sensitive electronic components including hard disk drives and circuit boards.

Temperature range: 0°C to +90°C (+140°C for short periods)

Semitron Esd225


  • Permanently static-dissipative
  • Dissipates static charges (5kV) in less than 2 seconds
  • Extremely low outgassing
  • Contains no metals or graphite or carbon powder
  • Excellent chemical resitance
  • Good sliding characteristics


  • Disk drives and circuit boards
  • Semi-conductor and electronic components
  • Telecommunications hardware
  • Insulating components
  • Automotive equipment


**Product available on indent only. Please contact us to order.
• Rod from 4.76mm to 101.60mm
• Sheet from 8mm to 50mm


Rod Standard length: 2440mm
Sheet Standard size: 3000 x 610mm