Peek Rods

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Peek™ is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic composed of polyetheretherketone resin. It has a unique combination of high mechanical properties, temperature resistance and excellent chemical resistance, which allow this thermoplastic to perform very successfully under the most extreme conditions of temperature, chemical environment, stress, wear, radiation and electrical usage.
There are 2 formulations available:-

(1) Peek™ 1000 is the virgin resin and offers very high toughness and impact strength. It has a very high maximum service temperature in air (250°C continuously and up to 310°C for short periods), and exhibits strength and hardness, even at these temperatures.

Peek™ 1000 can be sterilised by conventional sterilisation methods (steam, dry heat, ethylene oxide and gamma radiation) and has a raw material composition which meets the requirements of EU/FDA regulations concerning plastics which come into contact with foodstuffs. These features make it ideal material for use in the medical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

(2) Peek™ HPV is a ‘bearing grade’ material, with the addition of ptfe, graphite and carbon fibres. The resulting tribological properties of low friction, high wear and high PV limits make it the ideal grade for wear and friction applications.

Temperature range: -50°C to +250°C
(+310°C for short periods)

Peek 1000 Natural Peek HPV


  • Very high service temperature
  • Good chemical and hydrolysis
  • Excellent wear and UV resista
  • High mechanical strength, tou
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Easily sterilised
  • Suitable for food contact (1000)


  • Sleeve bearings, scraper blade
  • Gas analyser parts
  • Chemical processing
  • Pump components
  • Electrical parts


Rod from 3mm to 200mm
• Sheet from 5mm to 100mm (1000)
• Sheet from 5mm to 60mm (HPV)
Tube from 50mm to 200mm


Rod Standard length: 1000mm
Sheet Standard size: 500 x 1000mm
Tube Standard length: 1000mm