LEP specialises in providing solutions for the Industrial market. On any production line of any kind of equipment LEP solves problems or produces replacement parts, with the aim of keeping production lines running smoother, faster, longer or better – to ultimately increase our customer’s production efficiency and profitability.

Our extensive experience enables us to develop high performance solutions to critical applications and uses.

We custom engineer product solutions to meet your operating and performance parameters in any and every industrial environment, taking into account common factors such as abrasion, aggressive chemical media, speed, or temperature.

On every production line of any kind of equipment, LEP solves problems or proposes new materials, with the aim of keeping production lines running smoother, faster, longer and better – to ultimately increase our customer’s production efficiency profitability.



Uhmwpe -BR Underchain wear strips, guide rails, bearings, chutes, hopper linings, electrical insulation, gears/sprockets, bottling star wheels, food process machining, chemical handling
Nylon 6 Electrical insulation, sheaves, rollers, gears/sprockets
Nylon LFX Under chain wear strips, guide rails, bearings, piston rings
Acetal Bearings, Electrical insulation, rollers, gears/sprockets, saw guides, food process machining
Polycarbonate Machine guards, covers, housings and trims
Acrylic Feed hoppers, machine guards
Polypropylene Clicking boards, food process machining, chemical handling
PVC Electrical installation, chemical handling
Lurethane Gears/sprockets, drive rollers
PTFE Bearings, electrical insulation, piston rings, thermal insulation, clicking boards, chemical handling
PEEK Bearings, sheaves, food process machining
Micarta Bearings, electrical insulation, rollers, saw guides, heat sealing bars

Custom Solutions for the Industry

Polyurethane Suction Pad - LEP Engineering Plastics

Polyurethane Suction Pad

Used for loading machinery in creating a vacuum seal for packaging machinery. Polyurethane provides excellent suction and durability.

Polyurethane Rollers - LEP Engineering Plastics

Polyurethane Rollers

Polyurethane re-coating of an Idle roller for a NZ industrial products manufacturer, in our specially equipped plant, capable of handling these 1.4 m long rollers.

Waste Management Cams - LEP Engineering Plastics

Waste Management Cams

Polyurethane cam for Waste Management for waste sorting. This is a replacement part for an existing machine to provide more durability.

Timber J Bars - LEP Engineering Plastics

Timber J Bars

These ‘J bars’ are a proprietary LEP Engineering Plastics product which we supply to NZ’s largest timber mills. Designed and manufactured from polyurethane to be strong enough to convey timber but soft enough to minimise damage.

Polyurethane Conveyor Parts

Polyurethane Conveyor Parts

Proprietary LEP Engineering Plastics polyurethane Conveyor Pads for the timber industry. They provide grip without damaging the wood.

Conveyor Roller

Conveyor Roller

Conveyor support roller, made from polyurethane to provide cushioning.

UHMWPE Tivar 88 Shute/Trough Liner

Shute/Trough Liner

UHMWPE Tivar 88 auger trough liner provides reduce wear and friction, minimising the adhesion of conveyed materials. It also reduces noise and energy costs.

Elecrical Conductor Transit System Parts

Electrical Conductor Transit System Parts

By providing lower cost polyurethane moulds LEP were able to replace rubber over-moulds with harder wearing polyurethane.

Chain Drive Sprockets

Chain Drive Sprockets

LEP manufactures chain drive sprockets for a wide variety of machinery and industries, particularly in extreme temperature or wet environments – such as wool scourers, skin washing machinery and within freezing works.

Polyurethane Drive Rollers

Polyurethane Drive Rollers

LEP manufactures polyurethane drive rollers which are used in every manufacturing industry – in hoists, forklifts, spindle-moulding machinery, and word-working machinery. LEP has the capability to machine metals and plastics.