Nylatron GS, GSM

Nylatron® GS and GSM are filled nylons which have stiffer, harder and dimensionally more stable properties than unmodified nylons. The addition of MoS2 (molybdenum disulphide) creates a strong crystalline structure which enhances bearing and wear behaviour, without impairing the inherent impact and fatigue resistance of cast nylons.

Nylatron® GS and GSM are self-lubricating, quiet in operation and their lightness contributes to low inertia, which is often a factor under stop/start conditions. They are easily machined, have good load-bearing capabilities and their low co-efficient of friction makes them ideal for many bearing applications. MoS2-filled Nylatron® GS is also available in profile and strip form to provide an economic solution for heavy wear and load situations.

Temperature range:
Nylatron® GS: -20°C to +95°C (-20°C to +70°C in water)
Nylatron® GSM: -30°C to +105°C (-30°C to +70°C in water)

Nylatron GS GSM - LEP Engineering Plastics


  • Good load bearing
  • Good sliding properties
  • Low co-efficient of friction
  • High impact resistance
  • Self-lubricating
  • Excellent wear resistance


  • Gears and sprockets
  • Support and guide wheels
  • Conveyor rollers
  • Bearings and sheaves
  • Wear pads and strips


Nylatron® GS
Rod from 6mm to 50mm
Sheet from 8mm to 50mm

Nylatron® GSM
Rod from 50mm to 500mm
Sheet from 10mm to 100mm
Tube from 50mm to 600mm


Nylatron® GS

Rod Standard length: 3000mm
Sheet Standard size: 1000 x 610mm
Tube Standard length: 3000mm

Nylatron® GSM
Rod Standard lengths: 1000mm, 2000mm
Sheet Standard size: 3000 x 1220mm
Tube Standard length: 3000mm