Tri-Knobs – Male

Himould® plastic Tri-knobs are moulded in tough, durable polypropylene and have been an industry favourite for many years. The unique three- cornered knob allows an exceptional amount of torque to be applied to the threaded inserts whilst still being comfortable to hold and turn.
A wide variety of both male and female-threaded mild steel inserts can be provided, either ex stock or moulded as a special run. Where a water environment is present, special stainless steel insert options are also available. The maximum thread size is M10 or 3/8” BSW. There is also an unthreaded version which has a hexagonal hole only. All standard Tri-knobs are black in colour, however other colours can be quoted for specific requirements.


  • Lightweight
  • Thermal Insulating
  • Attractive Design
  • Low Cost
  • Non-corrosive


  • Removable Guards
  • Folding Handles
  • Clamps
  • Tensioners
  • Computer Furniture
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Product Codes

Stock Code Description Stocked
865549 M6 Yes
865560 1/4″ BSW No
865547 M8 [8.5mm hole] Yes
865550 M8 [16mm hole] No
865547SS M8 Stainless Steel Yes
865548 M10 Yes
865548SS M10 Stainless Steel No
865554 3/8″ BSW Yes
865554SS 3/8″ UNC Stainless Steel No
865400 1/2″ AF Hex Hole Yes
800536 1/4″ BSW (Samll Knob) Yes