Round Bungs

The extensive range of bungs is designed to fit inside round tube. Various tube-wall thicknesses can be accommodated, due to the unique champagne-style design which ensures a tight fit every time. Bungs are manufactured from a special polyethylene grade, which is resistant to most chemicals and can withstand low temperatures. Black is the standard colour. Other sizes in addition to those listed are available on request, but may be subject to minimum order quantities.

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Product Code

Part Number Size To fit Tube Stocked
Imperial Metric
762010B 1/2″ 16/18gauge Yes
762020B 16 16/18gauge
762030B 5/8″ 16/18gauge Yes
762040B 3/4″ 16/18gauge Yes
762050B 7/8″ 16/18gauge Yes
762060B 1″ 16/18gauge Yes
762070B 1 1/8″ 16/18gauge Yes
762080B 1 1/4″ 16/18gauge Yes
762090B 1 1/2″ 16/18gauge Yes
762095B 2″ 16/18gauge Yes